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How does a wedding casino work


In general we arrive to set up your wedding casino approx 1hr before the casino is due to open. This can be adjusted to accommodate any timings, just call and ask, we will always try and help. Unless you have specific EARLY set up instructions THERE WILL NOT BE ANY EXTRA CHARGES for set up and break down of equipment. Set up and break down is not included in your ‘play time’

We will contact the venue and arrange everything for you for a worry free wedding day


We will provide you with fun money for free to hand out to your guests that can either be handed out by us on the day, or delivered to you beforehand to distribute yourself at the wedding or before. We have two styles for free, either James Bond, or US Dollar style. We can also provide custom fun money for you, see our fun money option here


Your guests will then use the fun money to buy in at the game they wish to play and will get chips to play with. The Croupiers will always be happy to show guests how to play the games and in fact this is a fun part of a fun casino .. people can play for 2 mins or 2 hrs. If they wish to leave a game the croupiers will cash in their chips and give them back fun money or if they have won a lot, a cheque. They can always come back and play again later


Its always fun to give a small prize/prizes to the winners. We will work all this out for you if you wish to do this. Just let us know how many winners you would like to have and give the prizes to us before then end of the casino and we will work out the rest